Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

Employee referrals and internal mobility software are a great asset for recruiting and staffing companies looking to find talent from their clients' professional networks.

Grab job seekers’ attention on the go.

With more and more candidates performing job searches via mobile devices, it is vital for recruiting and staffing agencies to use mobile optimized job portals to keep ahead of the game.

RolePoint is fully mobile optimized, from job search through to the application stage. This helps increase engagement with the platform and reduce drop-off.

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Utilize staffing agency employee referrals to reduce cost.

Recruiting and staffing agencies need a constant stream of highly qualified candidates to help fill the many open positions entrusted to them by their clients.

RolePoint can help tap into your users’ professional networks to find a diverse array of talent from a range of industries and with a broad spectrum of skills.

Help your clients facilitate internal development and progression.

Much of the best talent a company can find is located right within the organization. Not only is this an easy source to leverage, but it can reduce time to hire as well as costs.

RolePoint’s Internal Mobility solution helps provide employees with the most relevant job suggestions based on their skills and previous experience.

The platform will automatically notify employees of the best fit jobs available while also simplifying the application process.

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"RolePoint increased visibility and boosted referral rates for hard-to-fill roles."

- Nadine Louw Santana, Recruiting Analyst at MarketSource