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Encompass Health

With a diverse workforce and clients in need of specialist care, Encompass Health (formerly HealthSouth) face specific and difficult to solve hiring challanges. RolePoint helps Encompass Health source the hard to find talent that is so vital for their operations by running engaging campaigns while also providing a seamless integration with their ATS.

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Managing applicants is time consuming. RolePoint makes it easy.

Feedback from our clients in the healthcare industry show that the high-volume hiring they required can be very time consuming when using traditional processes.

RolePoint helps improve this process thanks to predictive analytics, making the management of applicant easy and intuitive.

rolepoint employee referral example
rolepoint employee referral example

Access a large pool of passive candidates.

Our healthcare clients often need large numbers of employees at short notice, which poses a challenge for even the most nimble companies.

RolePoint’s suite of HR technology products helps give talent acquisition teams quick access to a large pool of passive candidates.

By engage employees and encouraging them to refer their qualified connections while also increasing transparency in the referral and application process, RolePoint opens up new sources of talent that has previously been difficult to tap.

Drive participation in your referral program.

Employee referral programs are consistently ranked as the top source of hire for many different type of organization. However it can be very difficult to harness their power effectively.

RolePoint’s innovative array of employee engagement tools helps our healthcare clients boost interest in the employee referral platform long after launch day.

From a powerful campaign manager, that allows engaging email campaigns to be conducted throughout the organization, to our gamification platform, that adds a fun element of competition into the program, our suite ensures employees keep referring from the outset onwards.

rolepoint employee referral email example
encompass health brooke photo

"RolePoint helps us drive engagement by running 4-5 employee referral campaigns a week across our 60 hospitals."

- Brooke Glennon, Recruitment Marketing & Operations at Encompass Health