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Learn how we attract and retain top tier financial services industry talent using employee referrals and internal mobility

Clients Using RolePoint

TMX Finance Family of Companies

RolePoint dramatically simplifies the referral process. The TMX Finance Family of Companies have increased engagement with their referral program significantly thanks to RolePoint, with employees & recruiters reporting a more streamlined experience compared to their previous process.

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Facilitate career progression and hold on to your best talent.

We’ve found from our clients that staff in the financial industry are particularly keen to find new and exciting opportunities to help their career develop.

That’s why our internal mobility platform, RolePoint Mobility, has proved popular with financial companies.

With advanced role matching and skill mapping technology, the platform makes it easy for employees to see the best jobs available that match their career goals.

rolepoint employee referral example
rolepoint employee referral example

Engage your employees and encourage referrals.

Our best-in-class employee referral platform is driving hires at some of the world’s largest financial companies, reducing costs and time to hire.

Referrals are consistently ranked as one of the best sources of hire. They remove the overheads of traditional hiring and penetrate deep into your employees’ professional networks, allowing you to find highly qualified talent in record time.

Mobile optimized to boost engagement on the go.

Because we understand your employees have busy work lives, we’ve made it easy to use our products on the move, whether at work or at home.

Built from the ground up to work seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop, all our services adapt to the type of screen being used. So your employees can refer and apply wherever is most convenient.

rolepoint employee referral mobile optimized
capital one amanda photo

"We received 10,000 referrals within 6 weeks of launching RolePoint."

- Amanda Stallard, Senior Talent Marketing at Capital One