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RolePoint’s employee referral solution increases
referred hires and streamlines your program management

RolePoint’s employee referral software makes running your program effortless.


Remove the overhead of a manual employee referral process by automating the distribution and tracking of referred candidates.

Candidate Matching

Automatically recommend to employees which of their contacts would be the best fit for every role. Make it easy for them to connect you with their most qualified contacts.

Better Job Search

Most referral sites rely on keyword search to retrieve results which often omit relevant jobs. We use Google Cloud Job Discovery with machine learning to better understand both job content and the intent of referrers.

Employee Engagement

Our Engage algorithm ensures that every message to employees is optimized for participation and learns over time the best way to expand each across the social graph.

Incentive Management

Easily manage your employee and talent network incentives, by job-type, region or currency. Probation periods and notifications to payroll for payouts can be automated for better tracking and accountability.

Analytics & Intelligence

Leverage predictive analytics to understand the expected results from your recruitment process and understand your organization's performance relative to industries.

Fully Integrated

By connecting to all leading ATSs and Single-Sign-On providers, RolePoint provides a seamless experience for employees and gives recruiters the ability to maintain a single candidate database.

Trend Micro

As a leading internet security firm with a diverse array of highly skilled team members located around the world, Trend Micro needed an employee referral tool that would easily allow employees to leverage their qualified connections and refer them for hard-to-fill roles. With a streamlined iCIMS integration and hassle-free rollout, RolePoint proved to be the perfect solution.

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Use Google Cloud Job Discovery to provide more relevant search results

Your employees can now easily find more jobs to refer. Google Cloud Job Discovery provides the best, hyper-relevant experience for employees and candidates on your referrals portal.

RolePoint will now intelligently learn about your user to provide improved search results that will become more relevant over time. Machine learning makes each user experience unique to the employee, providing them with increasingly relevant jobs for referring, based upon demographics and search behavior.

A dedicated employee referral portal to increase participation in your program

Employee referrals are considered by many the best way to hire – they are proven to stay longer and perform better. However, most companies are only fielding referrals from 15% of their employee-base.

Allow employees to easily reach out to their professional networks via the networks they use everyday and expand your referral potential.

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"RolePoint has made it much easier for us to manage our employee referrals and has hugely increased the number of employees participating in the program."

- Nick Easlick, Talent Acquisition at Razorfish

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Automate how your referral program incentives are managed

Employee referrals are typically a very manual and paper-based process. Many organization’s recruiters are tracking referrals on Excel spreadsheets. RolePoint will ensure each and every referral is tracked and integrates directly with your ATS.

Furthermore, we’ll track all referral bonuses, engagement campaigns, probation periods, currencies, and referral ownership.

Increase transparency for employees and recruiters with proactive referral tracking notifications

Employee referrals shouldn’t be a “black hole” anymore. Employees deserve positive & immediate feedback with they submit a topnotch candidate.

They’ll also receive periodic employee-friendly statuses such as contacted, hired, interviewing, and for future consideration. Recruiters will receive notifications and/or daily digests for job requisitions they own.

rolepoint employee referral example
rolepoint employee referral example

Keep employees engaged with referral campaigns and gamification

Keeping your employees and talent network members engaged has never been easier. Through a series of fun activities and targeted emails, you can give your referrers the chance to learn about their networks and find who their top contacts are.

Recognize top performs across the organization and give them recognition & praise.

Leverage mobile to reach employees when they are ready to refer

Mobile is a powerful tool for reaching potential referrers at any time. RolePoint mobile makes it easy to maintain a stream of relevant jobs to this talent base with a fast and frictionless way of sharing opportunities on-the-go.

RolePoint you can effortlessly share your open positions across unlimited social channels at times automatically optimized for engagement.

rolepoint employee referral example
rolepoint employee referral example

Make better decisions about your program with dedicated referral analytics

Measure all your recruitment activity to help identify exactly what activities are bringing in your top performers.

Track, manage and optimize recruitment flows to understand how you can attract more of these high value candidates to your organization.

RolePoint’s Employee Referral platform is powerful alone - combined with
Internal Talent Mobility and Apply, it’s even better.

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On its own, the preferred way for companies that run world class employee referral programs.

Give both employees and your talent acquisition team the best possible employee referral program experience.

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With employees visiting your portal to refer their contacts to job requisitions, it make sense to highlight roles that would be a good fit for their career progression.

Improve retention by creating more visibility over internal roles. Run dedicated campaigns to focus on internal promotion opportunities. Gather rich data on employees and access an internal sourcing database.

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Streamline your job application process for referred candidates, internal candidates or anyone who applies on your career site.

Feed applicants straight into your ATS with all the data you would like to capture. Get rid of your clunky, time-consuming process that’s stopping candidates from applying. Give them a fast, easy, mobile optimized candidate experience to maximize conversions.

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