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Use your employee referral and internal mobility programs to drive growth in the heavily networked consulting industry

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Reduce your cost to hire whilst boosting quality of talent.

Finding exceptional talent in the consulting industry can be hard and require a lot of legwork, resulting in a high cost of hire.

RolePoint helps streamline the process of finding qualified applicants by leveraging your employees professional networks and making it easy for them to refer their connections for roles in your organization.

By simplifying the process, RolePoint helps to reduce your cost of hire while improving the overall quality of applicant talent.

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Effectively use rewards to engage your employees.

We’ve found that 73% of associates in the consulting industry are motivated by non-monetary rewards when it comes to employee referrals.

Our platform makes it easy to offer your employees unique experiences or charity rewards on their behalf in order to keep them engaged with the employee referral program long after launch.

Streamline and mobile optimize the application process.

Application processes have become bloated and difficult to complete on mobile devices. Create a more user friendly experience with RolePoint.

We have developed an RolePoint Optimized Apply from the ground up to provide a seamless experience across mobile and desktop.

By creating a streamlined application process, we are making it easy for talented candidates to apply for roles in your organization while increasing success rates reducing drop off.

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