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It’s hard to find suitable talent in high technology industries.
Employee referrals help simplify the process.

Integrating with Taleo for Actelion

Integrating with Taleo, one of the world's leading ATSs, was a key requirement for Actelion. RolePoint's tech team made it happen, allowing Actelion to achieve an increase in employee referals while seamlessly utilizing RolePoint alongside their existing HR platforms.

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Easily find candidates with competitive high-tech skills.

High-tech candidates are in short supply and high demand, making roles that require them extremely hard to fill.

Your employees tend to know others like themselves, providing a great source of potential candidates with similar skills. With RolePoint, you can target these candidates who have the skills you need by leveraging the networks of your existing employees.

We work with many leading companies in the biotech and pharma industry, including Actelion, Regeneron and Fluidigm, helping them to find the high-tech talent they need to succeed.

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internal mobility platform

Help employees progress through the organization and share knowledge.

Internal hires regularly rank alongside job referrals when it comes to the best source of hire and are especially useful for companies in high-tech industries such as biotech and pharma.

Allowing your employees to move both horizontally and vertically through your organization ensures vacancies are filled with candidates that are an ideal culture fit while rewarding good performance.

RolePoint’s Internal Mobility platform makes it easy to promote internal opportunities to your existing employees while also providing custom recommendations to each employee based on their skills and business area preferences.

Employee referral incentivization with engaging campaigns.

It can be hard to find talent in high-tech industries. Competition is high and the pool of qualified candidates is small.

RolePoint helps encourage your employees to refer candidates by facilitating engaging email campaigns and managing the employee referral bonus.

Our intuitive email campaign manager and experienced customer success team can help you target candidates with specific skills and backgrounds while providing rewards for your current employees to encourage them to get involved and refer.

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"RolePoint partnered with our tech team in Switzerland and basically, the magic happened."

- Dan Iazzetti, Director of Talent Acquisition at Actelion